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Helping You Move During Pandemic-Commercial Movers In Dubai

Helping You Move During Pandemic-Commercial Movers In Dubai

Commercial relocation in Dubai can also involve a lot of moving components, including picking up a new site, finding the right Commercial Movers in Dubai, arranging a transfer date, and coordinating it all. At Book Any Experts, moving companies have been involved in a number of office moves and there’s still no sign of slowing down.

Corporations still need to shift, even during a global pandemic. Businesses can move for a variety of different reasons. They could range from more consumer traffic and better growth opportunities to the potential need for more or less space. However, relocation of an organization can also be time-consuming, costly, and even very risky during a pandemic.

A company relocation strategy has always been an integral aspect of a corporate move, but even more so now with new requirements and regulations in place. A comprehensive checklist for relocation activities is a must! Hiring Commercial Movers in Dubai would be an aid for your moving stress in these crucial times.

Is That Safe To Move During The Pandemic COVID-19?

The simple answer to this question is yes, but there are also steps you need to take to protect yourself and your staff to make sure they travel safely. We recognize that while you may want to postpone your business relocation until after the pandemic, you may have no option but to relocate because of the end of the contract, cost, or other factors. To experience a safe relocation during this Covid-19 outbreak hire Commercial Movers in Dubai.

You may need answers to the following questions when planning your business for the move during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Can I Hire a Company To Relocate?

Indeed, moving companies including Book Any Expert’s Commercial Movers in Dubai continue to offer business relocation and industrial moving facilities despite the pandemic. Our experts will take other measures to make the moving activity as safe as possible, such as disinfecting

our moving tools and vehicles on a regular basis, using proper safety equipment such as masks and gloves and practicing social distances.

Can I Visit New Offices And Buildings?

When your company has to relocate during the pandemic, but you haven’t found a new office space or building, you can still seek new space. When you consider a room that is of real value and interest to you, you may be capable of taking a virtual tour. This will encourage you to take a quick look at the new space without showing up personally. If you just want to see a new location in person before you make a final decision, you will be able to see the space while taking precautionary measures like wearing gloves and masks and maintaining social distance while on the premises.

How Do I Protect My Staff While On The Move?

It is probably better to include a few of your workers as possible in the move, but we fully comprehend that certain employees do need to be present during the shift. Instruct the staff members, who will be present during the move, to wear masks and gloves, wash and sanitize their hands regularly, and practice social distancing by maintaining 6 feet of personal space. You and your staff will take all the appropriate measures and be vigilant during the move to better protect yourself and others. Certified Commercial Movers in Dubai always take safe precautionary measures to protect you and all your workers during the move.

COVID-19 Strategy to Move Business 

Once your objectives and destinations have been set, here are some of the top things to bring into your strategic plan.

Designate Right People To The Control Of The Moving Plan 

There must be an organizational representative who acts as Moving Coordinator, Department Manager, and a single source coordinator for your moving business. Both these people will work together to prepare and implement both aspects of the relocation. Keep connection open between the employees and the Book Any Expert’s Commercial Movers in Dubai coordinator.

Evaluate And Analyze The Potential Risks And Benefits Of Moving During a Pandemic

Knowing this is something that your company does and should do during this period, ensure that your employees and all stakeholders are protected and follow the protocols for the pandemic. Never go beyond the boundaries of what is allowed during a time of crisis. Always be mindful of the guidelines for moving businesses during the pandemic.

Provide Several Contingency Plans Because Of The Uncertainty

There is always some kind of unknown that should be addressed, but in times of many uncertainties, you must be as ready and careful as possible. You may ask, how am I supposed to plan for unforeseen issues? Review and double-check the process, provide a contingency plan for something of significant importance, and validate it twice before execution. Interact with the Commercial Movers in Dubai who will facilitate you in the process.

Use a Checklist

Using our detailed checklist of main tasks to tick down your relocation, including the allocation of responsibilities. Have a list of main contacts for the relocation time. It also covers issues such as the use of our identification system to mark objects.

Wrap Up The Packing Ahead Of Time

 Finishing your packing before you move is often a key factor. However, it is important to have all of your things and supplies packed at least 24 hours before you travel during the pandemic. This is because the coronavirus will live on carton for up to 24 hours. Finishing the packing and keeping the boxes empty for at least 24 hours will help to ensure that the packages are not infected.

Work with Commercial Movers in Dubai

When your company is located in Dubai, Book Any Expert’s Commercial Movers in Dubai are ready to use sanitized vehicles, supplies, and packaging materials to ensure the secure relocation of your office. As an important industry, our union movers practice healthy handwashing, social distancing, personal protective equipment (PPE), and never work while they are ill.

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