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Planning Move During COVID-19- Best Movers And Packers Dubai

Planning Move During COVID-19- Best Movers And Packers Dubai

COVID-19 had a significant impact on every sphere of life. Your upcoming long-distance move is still necessary as leases end and the process of choosing to buy your home continues. Whether you want to do it on your own or employ professionals to help ease some of the tension that comes with packing and unpacking for hours, in the end, moving is complicated. If you need professional help, hire Best Movers and Packers Dubai when moving to a new home during the coronavirus pandemic to remain as safe and healthy as possible as they will take care of the whole intense moving process.

How To Get Ready For Your Move?

We often talk about how crucial it is to have a plan for your move, and during the coronavirus, this goes double for one move. To make sure you have the right items (because you can’t run back and forth to the store), you have to keep one step ahead to make sure you have enough time to pack to get ready for your movers. But if you find it difficult to do the packing job then you need to get hooked with Book Any Expert, the service provider of Best Movers and Packers Dubai, getting their services will make all your tasks from moving to packing and storage easy and comfortable.

Be sure to keep in mind the following steps to prep for a move amid COVID-19:

Contact Your Movers 

This is critical for verifying your booking and discussing best practices for moving day. Moving companies put in plenty of preventative measures to help protect their customers and, in terms of what is expected, it helps them be on the same page as they are.

Get All Required Supplies All At Once 

For only one trip to the shop, you’ll want to get it right so make sure you know exactly what you’ll need for your move. Using our packing calculator to get an idea of what you’ll need, depending on your house’s number of rooms and people. But if in doubt, buy some extra.

In case you leave your packing task on Book Any Expert’s Best Movers and Packers Dubai, you don’t need to visit any store to buy packaging materials. Leave all your packing on our experts.

Clean Prior To Packing 

When is the last time you turned on your bedside lamp or wiped the outside of your crockpot? Take this opportunity to sanitize your possessions, by wiping disinfectant products clean. If you don’t have any, you can make one in one gallon of water with a solution of one tablespoon bleach. By hiring Best Movers and Packers Dubai you will get yourself stress-free from any infections spreading as they maintain and stick to sanitization during the whole moving and packing process.

Finish Packing At Least 24 Hours Before The Arrival Of Movers 

Coronavirus will live on surfaces for a long time, including in carton board boxes for up to 24 hours. Your movers must wear gloves but you should also have your boxes packed and lying untouched at least one day before your movers arrive for everyone’s protection. But if you opt for Best Movers and Packers Dubai then you need to sit at ease as they are following all precautionary measures to prevent any spread of the infection. 

Useful Tips For Moving During The Pandemic Coronavirus

If you’re not aware of the protocols for moving during the lockdown, you’re certainly not alone. This is an unprecedented territory that needs to be kept up to date with the WHO recommendations. There are some useful tips to get your move going as smoothly as they can during the pandemic. Here are a few key concerns.

Let Your Mover Know Immediately If You Or Anyone In Your Family Has Coronavirus Symptoms. 

Transparency is very crucial to keep everyone safe. And in several cases, your movers will still be serving you, but they will set up some extra protocols to ensure their employee’s safety. In addition to telling them if you suspect a disease between yourself or a family member (or have a diagnosis), also let them know if you are isolating due to exposure since the same risk mitigation measures should be taken. Book Any Expert’s Best Movers and Packers Dubai will always make sure that their staff is infection-free and in case if they detect anyone who has symptoms they will not send him/her to the work as safety and protection are our priority in these times.

Provide Hygiene Products To Your Movers

To help your movers follow the necessary hygiene practices, be sure to leave out the products they can use while transporting your goods to and from the truck. That includes soap and paper towels by the washbasin, and a hand sanitizer by the door that they’re going to get in and out. Get the services of Best Movers and Packers Dubai as our experts have the sanitization kit that they use during the whole process.

Avoid Using Recycled Or Free Packing Boxes

 The coronavirus can live on carton for as long as 24 hours, so now is not the time to pick up free moving materials from places that recycle them. If you connect with us then our team of Best Movers and Packers Dubai will bring sanitized packing boxes for you that are disinfected and safe to use. In this way, you will get ease from the stress of collecting the boxes for packing.

If You Are In a High-risk Group, Cancel Your Move If Possible

 People over 60 years of age and those with asthma and other respiratory and cardiovascular conditions should reconsider moving if at all possible. No relocation is worth risking your life, so hold it back before you can travel more safely if you have some flexibility about when (or if) your move appears to happen.

Final Words

Being smart when travelling during the pandemic allows you to obey and apply all of the traditional pandemic rules to your moving process. Requirements for social distancing and sanitization must be maintained when moving. Therefore, Book Any Expert is providing Best Movers and Packers Dubai during these uncertain times who cares about the health of its workers and customers.

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