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Taking General Cleaning Services in Dubai to a Next Level

Book Any Expert focuses on providing you ease and comfort in life. From movers and packers to cleaners, we take care of everything. Considering our mission to make your life better, we offer you General cleaning services in Dubai.

These are all customizable services that you can acquire as per your need. We offer you everything from basic cleaning to advanced deep cleaning and maintenance.

What do We Offer in General Cleaning Services?

In the general cleaning services in Dubai, we are offering you multiple services on the list. These are one of the most in-demand services of all time. We have designed these services in accordance with your demand and need.


Deep Cleaning

Even if you clean the house, office, or commercial space daily, there are still some corners left behind. You might not reach out regularly to these spaces. Therefore, we offer you dedicated deep cleaning services for these spaces.

The spaces we cover include the crawl spaces, roof, garden, lounge, cupboards, storage spaces, and much more. Our team can clean the fixtures and other installations in the space that are not generally covered in routine cleaning.


How Deep Cleaning Different from General Cleaning?

Deep cleaning involves in depth clean up of the whole facility. We do deep cleaning with a feather touch by removing installations, futures and furniture to reach every corner. In the procedure we use the scrubbing machines on the floor to remove hard stains, dirt or deposits on floor and corners. Our team is considerate of grouting and use the soft and hard brushes accordingly. In the deep cleaning we offer you includes the inner and outer of villas, schools, shops, warehouses and more. 

For the indoor spaces we cover flooring, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, terrace and more. Outdoor our focus areas are parking, corridor, walkways and more. 

While general cleaning is everyday cleaning, You may require every or every alternative day to clean small cleaning activities in your house or office. We do provide hourly manpower for such purposes, So it will be pocket-friendly and eco-friendly with cleaning.


Commercial Cleaning

All the commercial sites require a higher level of cleanup and maintenance. We are offering these commercial spaces to have the best cleaning experience. Covering all the commercial cleaning procedures we are giving you the best access to the ultimate cleaned up environment.

Shop Cleaning

Before your customers step in, our team can help you clean up the shop. We offer pre-opening shop cleaning services to the shopping malls and brand outlets. You can access the services and maintain your store right before getting started with the selling day.

Façade Cleaning

The exterior is as important as the interior for the corporate offices and buildings. From the outside of your office or commercial building, the investor or customer will get an idea about your business and its maintenance. You need to keep a sparkling exterior, and our general cleaning services are there to help.

We offer you façade cleaning with our trained staff and high-tech equipment. Using all safety measures and systems, we make sure you will end up having a perfectly cleaned-up exterior. After service, you can observe an add-on value to your building that will make it right for you.


Residential Cleaning

Our general cleaning services include a domain of residential cleaning. We are providing you with house help, cleaners and many other services. It turns out to give you the best cleaning experience that never makes you feel down or left out. We make sure to cover all your residential cleaning requirements.

Villa Cleaning

The bigger villas are cool to live in but hard to maintain. Do not worry, we are here at Book Any Expert giving you the best villa cleaning services. Following the demand stream for villa cleaners, we are offering the services to satisfy your cleaning requirements.


Apartment Cleaning

We are not only focused on villa cleaning. Apartment cleaning is another important service we offer in residential cleaning. It includes the general as well as deep clearing services. Taking care of these small residential spots and making them a happy place to live is our focus.

Floor Cleaning

Do you think a mop is enough to clean your floor? Yes, for daily cleanup, but not for the deep clean. The residue deposit on the floor comes from the dust particles, and other substances gradually settle into floor cracks. After some time, the spots appear on it and make it look bad.

We are offering you the dedicated floor general house cleaning services that make your floor look new all over again. If you feel that floor is a bit dull, give us a call for some instant glow on flooring and get the 0.sparkle clean.

Move-In or Out Cleaning.

While moving in or out from a place, the cleanup is a significant challenge. You need to clean out everything in both conditions, so there will be no issues. The cleaning up is a considerable task in moving in or out, so we assist you with the job.

Our trained cleaning staff takes care of the mess and cleans up everything in the facility, from the residue to the dirt and much more. Our services ensure you will have a place as clean as new, so it turns out to be the best deal. You do not have to go for the extreme changes and repairs as we can fix the cleaning issues in no time. 


Post Maintenance or Construction Cleaning

The post-construction or maintenance mess is clumsy. You have a lot of material, stain, and spread in the space. There is dirt, color, and many other residues in the facility. Whether it is your commercial or residential space, things are always messy.

Book Any Expert offers you the general cleaning services in Dubai specifically for the post-construction cleanup. We are letting you have the cleanup that makes your newly constructed or furnished place a haven for you. Moreover, we clean everything to ensure things will not stick around in the longer run.

You Name the Project, and We Do it!

In our range of general house cleaning services, we offer you a wide range of options. Other than mentioned options, we are open to all projects. You name the project, and our team is right away to help you with it.

For more information or booking, reach out to our customer representative. Our support is available 24/7 to listen to you.

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